Vote NO On HB 510

Contact Your State Legislators And Tell Them To Vote NO on HB 510 And Keeping Environmental Damage A Secret!

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Say NO to LA Rep. Stuart Bishop’s “Pollution Secrecy Act!”

H.B. 510 seeks to allow companies to pollute Louisiana land, air and water while avoiding consequences, letting them hide any discoveries of pollution from citizens and communities.

What is it?
HB 510 sets up a legal privilege that allows companies to withhold the contents of their internal environmental compliance audits from regulators and the public.

Why is it bad?
This privilege allows companies to hide results that may prove harmful, allowing for environmental destruction to occur without penalty.

What will it do for Louisiana?
HB 510 will strip environmental regulators of their ability to gather all the facts necessary to hold polluters accountable for the damage they inflict upon our people and our land, air and water.

Tell the L.A. House Natural Resources Committee to kill this bill right NOW!

Proposed H.B. 510 provides that if a company makes a willing and public disclosure of environmental problems, they could face no administrative or civil penalties for those violations.

This bill intends to encourage companies to perform their own internal queries and make adjustments; however, studies across the United States show there’s no evidence these laws work as intended. 

Laws like this make us less safe – period.

The health and safety of Louisiana’s residents is too important to give away. We can’t let our future be compromised. Tell the L.A. House Natural Resources Committee to vote NO on H.B. 510.

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