Attention: St. Landry Parish Citizens-Toxic Waste

Eagle Oil – LLC, has submitted an application to the Department of Natural Resources to build a hydrofracking wastewater well near a rural neighborhood in St. Landry Parish. The Parish Government has given residents who are against the proposed wastewater injection well a chance to voice their dissent and potentially stop construction. The proposed 10-acre site is just north of the St. Landry Parish Landfill on Highway 182. The site is nearby several homes where families have lived for generations. Fracking wastewater will be transported from as far as Mississippi and Texas to be stored in the well.

Environmental consultants note that there are hundreds of dangerous chemicals in the frack waste water, and many of them are known to be carcinogenic, or cancer-causing. The well meets the required one-quarter mile distance from any currently registered wells, but environmental consultants say it is within two miles of other wells that may be impacted if the frack wastewater seeps. In addition to the environmental health concerns, Council Member Harold Taylor, says he’s concerned about the more than 100-trucks that will be carrying the frack wastewater to the well every day. The fracking wastewater will be transported to the well from as far as Texas to Mississippi, and environmental consultants say it will threaten to further contaminate Louisiana’s sole aquifer with the carcinogenic liquid. The St. Landry Parish council Finance Committee at a meeting on Jan 2 passed a motion to send an opposition resolution to the full council. Council Members say a public hearing on the project will occur in March. 

Sierra Club Acadian Group is alerting our members and all interested persons to follow this issue and be prepared to show up at a St. Landry Parish Council meeting in March. All are urged to send letters and make phone calls to St. Landry Parish council members in opposition to the Eagle Oil LLC toxic waste disposal well. The Chicot aquifer provides the only source of drinking water for twelve parishes in SW Louisiana. A toxic waste well in or through our Chicot aquifer constitutes obvious and unacceptable risks. We need to support the council in its opposition to St. Landry Parish being a dumping ground for toxic wastewater trucked in from Louisiana and other states.

Here is contact info for St. Landry Parish:

This alert is adapted from a story by Josh Meny for KATC 


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