Lafayette Connector Comments

Lafayette Connector Comments

Sierra Club member Mike Waldon is now collecting and archiving public comments on the I-49 connector.  Mike says:

“I am using a blog for my comment/news archive. It is available at


Link to Mike’s blog

          The blog layout is still in construction, but I think it is easy to follow. The blog posts each represent one comment, and the posts just follow one another in the order of when I wrote them. The blog posts (i.e. comments) have labels which are listed in the box on the right. If you click on a label (like “Human health”) you only see posts (comments) that were assigned that label. Under the Resources heading you can click to see a page of links to news articles (including Roger’s links). I hope to add several other “Resource” pages in the future.

          If anyone would like to, you can subscribe to the blog. If you know of another news article that should be included in the news links page, scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a Comment with the story link and title. The blog is currently set to accept comments from “registered users.” This disallows anonymous comments. I could change that if its a problem, but I am trying to avoid spam advertisements, calls to find God by sending money, and such.

          You can also comment on the posted individual I-49 Connector Comments posts — and comments are very welcome.

          If you want to write and new single blog post, I suggest you email me the text and I will add it. And, for anyone who feels like being more involved, Send me an email to ask to be listed as a “Blog Author.” Then you too can directly add posts yourself.”

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