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Important information contributed by Roger Peak, Sierra Club member.



Below is important information contributed by Roger Peak, Sierra Club member.

An article from The Advertiser.

Grassroots effort growing to reconsider I-49 through Lafayette–49-through-lafayette/75707388/
More background on the I-49 Connector
This post will provide some background information on the proposed I-49 connector. Specifically, links to past Environmental Impact Statements (EIS):

Here is a link to the 2005 EIS ROD which approves the displacement of the Lafayette Airport runways, and the mitigation of resulting displacement of adjacent wetlands:
The following is a link to an appeal case in 2007, in which the 5tat th circuit court of appeals upheld a lower court decision where Union Pacific RR had to pay damages to Conco, the gist of which held the entire site, bordered by Jefferson St, Taft St, the RR tracks, and Evangeline Thwy, is contaminated, and that the contamination migrates beyond the site:
Thanks to Roger
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