No New Leasing in the Gulf of Mexico

No New Leasing in the Gulf of Mexico


Louisiana bears the burden of an industry that claims to bring nothing but prosperity to the state.

The oil and gas industry has torn up the wetlands that protect our coast. Refineries pollute the air and water in neighborhoods and communities across the state. Operating and abandoned wells and waste pits spoil the countryside and poison our waterways. Fracking brings unwelcome industrial activity and pollutes our air and water.

The oil and gas industry is a major driver of climate change that now threatens not only our coast, but our way of life. Last December in Paris, world leaders agreed that reining in the use of fossil fuels — including oil and gas — was the only way to save the planet from the most catastrophic effects of climate change.

Yet, in many ways, we in the United States and Louisiana continue with business as usual. A prime example is the proposed lease sale on 45 million acres of mineral rights in the Gulf of Mexico scheduled to take place on March 23 in New Orleans.

Our friends at the Louisiana Bucket Brigade and others are organizing a symbolic protest against this lease, saying that this huge lease flies in the face of the Paris Climate Change agreement that the United States signed in December. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground where they belong and we need to start doing that now. Come and help us make that statement on March 23. The event description is at:

We have buses that will be leaving from many locations including Lafayette on the morning of March the 23rd to bring those who want to join in this protest. Our goal is to reaffirm our commitment to saving the planet and to tell about the role that oil and gas plays in destroying our planet and the state we love.

Go to this page for more info and to sign up for a free seat on the bus:

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